A vehicle must be towed by another vehicle with enough power to pull it into another location.  These “Tow” Trucks are designed to do just that, but did you know there’s more than just one kind of tow truck.  There are different kinds of tow trucks, and the most common is a wheel lift tow truck. If a car breaks down on the road, the type of service truck provides a quick, safe, and economical way to get the car to a mechanic.

Although wheel lift tow trucks can tow, not every vehicle is suitable for them. This tow truck is still used based on the position of the car and the type of vehicle that needs to be towed.

Wheel Lift Towing Truck

The towing trucks of this type have a wheel lift that goes under either the front wheels or the rear wheels of the vehicle that has to be towed. Hydraulic lift systems are used to lift either the front or rear end of a vehicle. While the car is being towed, the other two wheels will remain on the road.


Wheel lift towing is much better than traditional hook-and-chain towing. The traditional method is to wrap a chain around the axles of the car. The car is lifted through the tires with wheel lift towing. The car’s frame and bumper are less damaged as a result.

As a result of this towing method, it is also easier to control the vehicle, even in tight spots. In other words, even if you’re parallel parked and your vehicle needs to be towed, the wheel lift tow truck can do the job without damaging other cars nearby. The car can be moved out of tight spots with ease.

Drive System of the Vehicle

The type of drive system your car has will determine whether it is suitable to be towed by a wheel lift. For vehicles with two-wheel drive systems, the wheel lift towing method is appropriate. It is not recommended to tow cars with four-wheel drives this way as the transmission may be damaged.

It is also best to check the owner’s manual to see whether the car is compatible with wheel lift towing. However, there are a few exceptions, so it is best to verify before getting the car towed.

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