Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks are considered the safest option when towing most vehicles. They can minimize any wear and tear or damage to your vehicles. Because the towed vehicles will be placed onto the flatbed while they are transported to the destination. Many drivers will consider using flatbed tow trucks for moving luxury automobiles for that extra security. In addition, four-wheel-drive vehicles are best to be moved with flatbed towing, as the transmission of the vehicle will not be affected.

Vehicles are often transported on wreckers where two wheels are on the ground and two wheels are elevated. There are many situations in which this is not a major problem since only a few miles have to be towed. You will be able to get your vehicle safely to its destination by using a flatbed tow truck if you’re stranded on a highway outside of town. The flatbed towing service involves fully loading your vehicle onto the bed, and it is placed where it can travel in the most efficient manner possible- parallel to the ground. Furthermore, while your car is being transported, it will be less likely to suffer from additional wear and tear. Every truck that we own is equipped with the most advanced technology and tools. We do not cut corners with our quality, from the software needed to program transponder keys, to the chains and wrenches used to secure your vehicle.

When should you use flatbed towing services?

In certain situations, basic towing with a dolly tow truck may be enough, but there are other times when flatbed towing services are required.

Towing over long distances

Standard towing with a dolly tow truck is not advised for long-distance towing since two of the vehicle’s wheels stay on the ground. Even if your vehicle is capable of handling ordinary towing, a long-distance haul might result in extra and unneeded wear and tear. A far better alternative is to have all four wheels off the road’s surface and immobile.

Vehicles with all-wheel drive

Many bigger vehicles, as well as certain automobiles, are equipped with all-wheel drive. These cars will necessitate flatbed hauling. The remaining two wheels of a front or rear-wheel drive vehicle are not linked to the driving shaft. Those two wheels may freely move on the road’s surface behind a dolly tow truck without causing gearbox damage. This is not true for all-wheel drive cars.

Luxury and vintage vehicles

If you have an antique, vintage, or just a highly valuable automobile, flatbed towing services should be used to move it. If vintage or antique car is damaged during a tow, parts may not be accessible.

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